We continue in the traditions and harmony of our heritage. Our passion paces our day to day lives, and this is why we are different.

It is our particular methods of building relationships during private tutoring that make Tetra what it is. It is addictive and contagious and at the heart of how we function for the past 20 years.


Our philosophy of being constantly both self-demanding and independent is what marks our distinction. We follow our own path and make our own knowledgeable choices, be they in human relations, in transmitting values or in following our emotions and desires.


I’m Charlotte, I’m 39 years old, I have 2 children and I was raised in a small village and ski resort named Pralognan-la-Vanoise, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. My father being a ski instructor, I was skiing before I even learnt to walk! I see skiing as a value, a rich heritage passed down to me. As a teenager, I started competing internationally until the age of 17. I then decided to get my degree in Sports Science. At the same time, I finished my brevet d’etat to become a ski instructor, and moved back to the mountains in order to share my love of skiing… Today, I can share my past and heritage with you and your children, in an authentic and simple way.
I’m Julie I grew up in a small village in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. I realised quickly that living the rhythm of the seasons here in the mountains was what I wanted, therefore I naturally turned to ski instructing as a career. I have been teaching in Val d’Isere for 14 years and not once have I had enough of the beauty of the landscape as well as the multitude of possibilities the Espace Killy has to offer, regardless of one’s level. I take special pride in my capabilities to create a trusting relationship in order to perfectly adapt to the rhythm and desires of each individual.
I’m Pascal My story with the ski and mountain starts at the age of 11, when reading Jack London started to become my reality. 40 years later, this emotion remains intact, and I adore sharing my mountain experiences as much as I love living them. Obviously now my knowledge is entire, so I can enjoy alternating tradition and innovation in my teaching techniques. Today, where I receive the most praise from my clients is with one-on-one coaching. For the most part, I train skiers who have reached a certain level, but who have not ventured off-piste or who might be starting to find the on-piste slopes a little tedious. We share our tastes for pleasure and esthetics when exploring new ways to ski. Time flies when one realises one’s dreams, however simple they may be.
I'm Marco, I am 43 years old, father of two little girls. Cradled between waves and snow since childhood. I grew up in the south of France and at Tignes. After a few years at the sports club of Tignes in ski bumps competition group, it is quite naturally that I turned to ski teaching and sailing. Real enthusiast of outdoor sports, I want you to discover this immense playground of the mountain, whatever your support, whatever your level…
I’m Laurent The mountain is an infinite discovery, the summits, the people, the sensations when riding, the knowledge of yourself. My job as a mountain guide and ski instructor enable me to share this passion with you; The keyword is Pleasure.
I’m Serge My speciality: For the past 25 years, off-piste and ski touring My passion: Mountains, skiing in the Alps and all over the world. My pleasure: Sharing these moments in the mountains, as well as friendship, with you.
I am Jean Luc It must be admitted that it is impossible for me to live without skiing, without sharing, without laughs and without friends. What distinguishes a happy man to a bitter one , it is the disposition to enjoy and to provoke the good times, and for escape from the danger of a sad life, nothing can replace the ski and the mountain.
I’m Hervé I had a dream to unite a team that would share together a different vision of our profession, one that goes beyond the classical means of teaching. The aim was to cultivate a subtle mix of sharing and interchanging between us, the professionals, and you, the clients. It’s with us that you can find a sense of satisfaction, and it’s with you that we can realize our potential. With TETRA, ardour, enthusiasm and curiosity are always intensely present. Every day is a new one, a new experience, a life lesson. I invite you to join us to share this dream beyond the summits, here or elsewhere. Where others stop, TETRA begins! Herve Toussaint Founder
My name is Bastien, Born in the Alps, I have developed a passion for skiing and snowboarding since a very young age. The sensations of these sports bring you freedom and complete disconnect, and to be able to enjoy this in a place as spectacular as the Alps is incredible. Sharing my knowledge of the mountains and my love for these sports is always a great pleasure. After 15 years of exploring Val d’Isère, Tignes & their surroundings, I look forward to showing you the infinity of possibilities of the domain, whether it be on the slopes or off piste.
I am Nicolas, Born from a big skiing family in Alsace. I grew up living winter and summer holidays in Tignes and quickly skiing appeared as a destiny and became my job. In mountain, everyday is an adventure and sharing it makes it sublimated ! It creates a unique and particular link and whatever you are looking for; relaxing yourself, improving technique or pushing your limits, you will not be indifferent. Let me guide you from the highest summits to the most beautiful resort in the Alpes : Val d’Isère !
recommandation STORIES & expériences
“We have been having lessons with Sophie for 5 years now, and each time it’s a pure delight! Sophie is an instructor who is as kind as she is attentive, as funny as she is anticipating… She is very careful and teaches us about safety for ourselves and for others. This doesn’t stop her from taking us to amazing off-piste tracks though! She always searches for the spots with the best snow, least people, and the most safety! She is also very attentive to the progress of her students, permanently giving us advice. We also were lucky enough to spend one night in a refuge with her where we could make the most of her happy and dynamic nature. Everyone appreciates her joy and willingness to always please her students by each time searching for new places for us to discover.”

“We first used Marco in 2014 skiing in St Foy. We have two children now aged 10 and 7. Marco’s ability to quickly connect and build trust with our children allowed him to improve their skiing quickly in a safe and fun environment. This due to speaking very good english and having two children of is own. As a result we have two confident skiers that can happily ski with us over the whole mountain. We would have waited many more years in a ski school environment for this. Marco is also happy to take me to some powder stashes off-piste, equally to spend an afternoon with my wife giving her some tips and to build her confidence. His knowledge of the whole valley is exceptional, therefore day excursions to other resorts are easily organised and that much more enjoyable for it. It also means that restaurant bookings are not a problem, further Marco is an easy going and engaging lunchtime guest. He has a canny knack of avoiding crowds in all circumstances. I cannot recommend Marco higher.”

“We have been skiing with Serge Gas for several years, and it is always a delight ! Each year, Serge manages to unearth a variety of trails, adapted to each of our desires and levels, and always in safety. His great knowledge of the mountains makes him a very precious guide in whom we have complete trust. Latest outing: a 4 day trail through the Vanoise National Park! And tomorrow, maybe Austria, Turkey, or even Japan, his expeditions make us dream ! These treks are unforgettable, full of active moments, laughter, mountain gastronomy, sharing and friendship. Basically, Serge is a recommended guide made of gold, and a friend on who we can rely.”

“For the past 25 years I have been skiing with Serge. He is a Professional, that summarizes all: safety is his obsession, he always reminds us of safety when we have a moment or tendency to be taken away by our euphoria and drift out of control. He always tries to get us to pass in the best place at the best time. He is a man of great worth.”

“Beautiful weather, all off-piste must have been roamed several times over, no powder left, you think. Error, Jean-Luc will find you a northern slope unknown to others, untouched and still powder coated, unless! It could be a valley covered in springtime snow. If you are hesitating, don’t ! Jean-Luc will find you the right itinerary, with excellent snow conditions. What’s more, his good mood and sense of humour will guarantee you a marvellous time.”

“I first started skiing with Pascal 7 years ago and he has transformed my confidence and enjoyment of skiing. I was a late starter and although I had lessons and a good number of weeks skiing, my technique was not great and as soon as I went off piste in anything more than light powder I was prone to face planting. It’s a vicious cycle in terms of confidence! Pascal was brilliant at helping me to relax on skis - his mantra that skiing should be about having fun is perfect and he used exercises designed to achieve that whilst at the same time evolving technique with very clear teaching. My favourite exercise is still avoiding the sharks and crocodiles… He helped me develop at a pace that was right for me whilst at the same time pushing me to achieve much more. We have had some superb ski weeks together and I feel completely confident skiing with him in all conditions.”

“ What is unreachable becomes reality. To love it, see the mountain with new eyes. With Laurent, you take flight, whilst still holding on to the edge; all under control. Trust and learning off-piste with Laurent makes everything possible, at your own rhythm. From the bottom, the mountain makes one dizzy, but from the peak, the different ways of access enables one to be in harmony with all the elements that constitute it. The mountain has become a passion.”

"Herve Toussaint has been my ski guide for almost 20 years. Skiing with him has always been tremendous fun and an exhilarating experience. He is a fabulous guide and coach – always encouraging and has a great sense of humour. He has an extensive knowledge of the area (and the restaurants) around Val D’Isere and takes safety very seriously. I can thoroughly recommend him."

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