It isn’t easy to modestly say we strive for excellence, nevertheless this is our aim each day: our quest for perfect snow. This quest is our constant priority, one might even call it our ‘obsession’…but you will quickly realise  the great advantage of skiing with prodigious snow monomaniacs; we luckily always find the dream snow conditions…always!

in the slope

We are extremely attentive to your actions and movements, your view, your tone of voice, your moments of silence. We have no choice but to focus entirely on you since only you capture our attention. We organise the entire day around you, on piste, a break, off piste, restaurants, back on the piste, another break… Of course there might be disturbances, family, children, pets, calling and bothering you. Surely they’re easy to dismiss…Should we find them their own instructor?

SKI touring

Ski touring is the activity that ressembles us most. Those timeless instants are of great value to us.  Together we shall create traces far from the world, far from the slopes, on untouched snow, incomparable in its softness. In these spots exempt from the rest of the world, we shall guide you progressively step by step, and we shall join the subtle, stunning and simple atmosphere one only finds in altitude.


At Tetra we have elaborated a teaching method that is playful and will help you in your first turns, enabling one to find his/her own rhythm.  We are attentive to your achievements and permanently search for locations that are best adapted to suit you. Off piste, snowboarding is full of elegance, insolence and easiness, the trajectories being both large and radical… it is a concentration of pure gliding.


Julie and Charlotte; the Tetra Pink all-female instructors will guide you from the moment you arrive in the enchanting environment of Val d’Isère.
We know your time is rare and precious. The female instructors of Tetra Pink will patiently create tailor-made and comfortable learning rythms to adapt to you.

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